Curb Appeal

Ganesh was a loser. He sat on the curb and mumbled nonsense to his only friends, the dirty pigeons, every morning. Pandita wondered why he didn’t go find some other place to go.

“Go away, Ganesh. This is the bus stop corner,” shouted Vidya. Continue reading

The Quest

Years withered away, yet the quest endured. The company had been reduced one knight after another, until only Percival remained. The curse of his pure heart. Temptation whispered ever louder to sit beside the road in this barren, blasted land and give up. What was the point now? Or then? Continue reading

Thar She Blows!

Emmitt blamed all the world’s problems on the bullhorn that stalked him. “Get over here!” “There!” “Stop!” The bullhorn bellowed commands, steamrolling his Pollyanna disposition.

For Christmas, Santa brought him headphones. “Everything is Awesome” could envelope him in a sonic cone nearing nirvana. Emmitt was giddy with glee. He knew exactly what he would do. Continue reading