A Token of Home

Usually, she was allowed to take a small backpack full of her personal things on trips, but this trip was different. The alien overlords had passed a new law that people could only go on trips with a single object and it must fit inside a quart sized ziplock bag. At first, she had had a fit at this and thought her parents had been making the whole thing up. But, after seeing the news on weirdarbitraryrestrictions.com on her own tablet, she agreed to the alien mandate.

What would she bring? She thought about bringing her tablet itself, but it didn’t fit in the bag nor was it practical as one object. She’d have to bring the charger. Further, in Europe and Asia the plugs were different. Nope, the tablet wasn’t going with her.

The eight-year old quickly decided on something of sentimental value. One of her small stuffed animals would be perfect. She lined all of them up in two rows on her bed. The front row was all the small animals that she could fit in the bag. The ones that were too big, like the life-sized Big Bird, she put in the back row.

It was now the fateful moment of decision. How to decide which of her friends to bring along on the worldwide adventure, she wondered. Eeny meeny miney moe? Well, there were a few that she knew she wasn’t going to take. Like the stuffed alligator that Uncle Larry gave her for her birthday. And Miss Porcupine. She wasn’t very cuddly. Now, it was time for the final selection. A drum roll began in her mind … catch a tiger by the toe

The sky blue teddy bear was It. Hooray! She would take Fluffels with her on this worldwide adventure. She danced a little jig and yelled, “Mom!”

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