Flight Delay

If it were between a root canal and airlines, Ariana voted for dentists. Instead she watched the carousel. The suitcase lay open on the conveyor belt. Her intimate possessions exposed.

The drooling biggest loser had been disturbing. The plane odors gagged. The life story of the mid-life crisis drilled into a migraine. She shuddered. Would he be here? Offer help? Her heart hammered, her breathing faster.

She scooped the remains up. Airline gorillas had shattered the latch. Flight delayed, she was hungry, tired and frustrated. Ariana sniffled. She tried not to cry.

Someone grabbed her from behind, kissed her. Jack.

(100 word flash – Challenge)



Meanwhile in Legoland

The croissants never turned out light and fluffy. The chef despaired at their waxy, plastic texture. Nobody ate them.

His life goal turned brick. The Food Network was fantastic, distant. He plunked in a playful pit of gloom. Perhaps if he learned how to use this frying pan. Continue reading