Sidrat Vending

Late for class again, Ben was racing up the stairs in front of the Main Library on campus. He had been putting the finishing touches on his project and lost track of time. As he got to the top of the third and final flight of steps, he stumbled on his shoelace and caught himself before face planting. Continue reading


Her Prayers

She left work at the small shop each evening and headed towards the cathedral. The massive stone church, over half a millennium old, dominated the city skyline. Soaring high over every other structure, it could be seen for kilometers around. Walking briskly down the cobblestone alleys and streets, she would approach the awe-inspiring monument, glide up the 18 smooth marble steps from the Continue reading

Scents of Summer

medium_2124496278This season is summer and the scent of summer is the beach. Nothing else really smells like the beach. Driving over the bridge to the beach, we roll down the windows and the mingled smells of briny salt water, vegetation in the muck and marshes along the Intracoastal Waterway, and teaming marine life are carried to us by the ever-present offshore breeze. The smells of sunscreen, clean towels, fried fish, and fresh boiled shrimp are also quintessential smells of any summer season at the beach.

Daily Post

photo credit: Giovanni ‘jjjohn’ Orlando via photopin cc