The Quest

Years withered away, yet the quest endured. The company had been reduced one knight after another, until only Percival remained. The curse of his pure heart. Temptation whispered ever louder to sit beside the road in this barren, blasted land and give up. What was the point now? Or then? Continue reading


That Needle Is Bigger Than My Leg

As the Minister of Propaganda, Vlad’s had it all. Buying himself extravagant presents was something he truly enjoyed, but his favorite was floating on his 100-foot yacht all winter, hoisting champagne with his companions.

When the call came to return to the Continue reading

A Post Card

If you knew Uncle Sal, the card made perfect sense. My uncle was a cabbie in New York. Boisterous and loud, he loved being the center of attention. Loved hearing his own voice, delivering one-line zingers so fast his audience couldn’t catch their breath. His laughter booming around the room like a cannon ball. Continue reading