Princess Pink 2

The king didn’t understand the necessities of life. He might be her father, but he was still a moron.

Another mission? This time the Kzin? Seriously?

The duty sargent was a bitter old crust. Continue reading


Princess Pink

The blonde was Princess and liked pink. She was the only pilot in the Space Rangers with a pink suit and helmet. Rank had privileges.

She furrowed her brow and ripped off her helmet. How dare those space zombies shoot at her X-wing fighter! She’d teach them. She didn’t wear pink jack boots for nothing! Continue reading

The Princess and Her Hart

Eemyoin first stumbled upon the strange clearing when he was out hunting for venison for his growing family. He had chased his quarry, a magnificent buck, into a strange clearing of purple ground cover. After several steps into this clearing, he had a strange light-headed feeling come over him. Despite this dizziness, he staggered on, intent on catching his prey. He thought he saw the head and antlers just ahead, watching him, hanging in a milky fog. With his next step, he stumbled and fell forward, landing on a bare patch of ground among the purple weeds and thorns. He lifted his head and the thick fog had vanished. Instead of the stag, he saw a beautiful young woman in what looked like a bird nest. Continue reading