Mystery Flowers

This post follows the story In the High Tower.

Stroke? Ah, there you are. I nodded off for a second there, I think. I couldn’t have been asleep for that long.

But, oh dear, perhaps it was longer than I think. Did you see, Stroke? Someone brought a vase and flowers while I slept. You must have seen who it was. The vase is right there. In front of the mirror.

What does this mean? So many wildflowers. Perhaps it is a trick. What if they are poison? Perhaps I should fling them out the window of the tower.

The Gartoyli? Surely not! Why would he put flowers in my room? The servants? Impossible.

It must be a test. We must think on this.

She sat on the floor across the room, starring at the bouquet of brilliant freshly picked wildflowers, tapping the brush gently against the palm of her left hand. Her birthday forgotten by her but not by another.


Daily Post


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