The Oasis

Call it collective amnesia or group brain flush, but we don’t remember how we got here. I don’t mean the oasis. I remember that quite well, actually.

The oasis has been our home for these past months. Saskia says we were led here by divine intervention, salvation for a small flock of lost sheep. Maybe she is right. I don’t have a better explanation.

I do know we were drawn here by the obelisks, the strange stone towers that encircle the oasis. I know because I was the first to see them on the horizon and I led us here.

While a standing enigma, they are clearly also not natural. Man-made? Alien made? There is no one to ask for whomever the builders were, they are long gone now.

Though I cannot say for sure, I am certain that the obelisks have something to do with the oasis here in the middle of this vast desert. But the deeper questions — how the obelisks are related to the oasis and for what purpose, why are they here, and who built this place — we can only answer with shrugs and our gratitude.

Doc has even suggested there is something not quite right about the oasis, our new home. Kaiden’s injuries were fatal, he claims. Yet, Kaiden is now fully recovered. Miraculously. I can tell this troubles Doc, though he tries to hide his thoughts and suspicions from the others.

Staying here at the oasis, in safety and with Saskia, is my heart’s desire, but I have an itch in the back of my mind now. One that I am desperate to scratch. If I am honest with myself, I have already decided. I must return to the ship. I, no, we need answers.

Copyright © 2014 Eric A. Schweitz

Picture is copyright by AshStraker


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