Bad Day at the Beach

You’re sitting on the beach enjoying the sun, when the weather suddenly changes and a storm cloud blows in. What happens next?

This prompt doesn’t take any imagination really. Been there. Done that. When it really starts to come down and you are wearing as little as a swimsuit and T-shirt, it can sting your skin. You want to seek cover quickly.

Sometimes that isn’t in the cards. You’re caught out on a walk down the beach. Or, everyone has dragged 73 of their most prized possessions down to the water and need them all rescued while they themselves hightail it back to the porch. So, yeah. You grab stuff, book it, and get pummeled a little.

Might need to warm up a bit or have a beer afterwards too. What? Okay. A mai tai.

Daily Prompt


3 thoughts on “Bad Day at the Beach

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