Fun at the Airport

Norman sat at “the gate of the airport.” The boss had told him that this place was a little backwards, but he had no idea. Electricity meant old car batteries wired together and a small bulb swinging from a palm frond ceiling you could see the sky through. He looked at his bag with his Powerpoint presentation and cell phone and laughed. Yeah, right. The meeting had gone. Left without him, more like it.

He took his dress shoes off and poured the sand out of them once again. He took his socks off too and stuck them in the bag with the dead electronics. The seaplane would be landing somewhere nearby in a couple of hours. Assuming the pilot was sober enough to get back here.

He looked up and down the sandy beach and stood up from the log that served as the gate area here. The guy under the umbrella woke up and pointed at his bag. “Donna leave ya¬†bag untended, sir.”

Norman thought about throwing his luggage into the breakers. “Oh, I’m not leaving. Wouldn’t want to miss the next flight. To anywhere but here.”

The man smiled a toothless smile. “Yeah. Dey be ba’ soon. Ya see.”

Norman looked around on the beach for smooth pebbles and bits of broken shells and skipped them on the waves.

Daily Post


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