Unexpected Inheritance

“What would you do with a $1M?” is today’s question.

Hopefully, the inheritance is significantly more than $1M so that I actually have $1M left after the federal government takes most of the money away. But, if one really thinks about it, the government is world-class at blowing money, so most of the inheritance would be used by a system established by the social-security exempt to improve things around the world, especially our image.

OK, but lets say after they eat our sandwich, we are left with the crumbs and the crumbs, incredibly, add up to $1M. That’s not bad. That would really help with college bills, though I’ll still probably need a third job to pay for the orthodontists, physical therapists, cell phones, cars, and other family essentials.

But, what would be fun would be to take some of this money and go on an extended vacation. South America, Africa, Australia … there are many places to see and adventures to have.



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