A Disappearing Breathing Room

Now, this is a conundrum that suits a purpose. Let’s say that the magic room built last night cannot see through the side of a box or bag. Hmm. Let’s say we go get the World’s Largest Opaque Bag, the WLOB. I will now go around the house with a rake and shovel and deposit all the clutter from all the various rooms in the WLOB.

People will, no doubt, ask what’s going on and I’ll just tell them that we’ve got a what’s new, what’s cool “breathing room”. They will scratch their heads. “A wha??” And of course just resume texting on their phones, etc.

When I am done cramming everything in the WLOB, I will squeeze the WLOB – let’s say it is infinitely malleable – into the magic breathing room. It’ll fit. It’s all good in magic. Since it is just the WLOB and me, I don’t disappear and I can go back to the kitchen and have a spot of tea and a scone and rest a bit.

We could repeat this process a couple more times, making sure to push the third box in the room ever so gingerly. Maybe I’d get a stick to push it in so as not to lose the tip of a finger. That’d be bad as I like my finger. It’s served me well all these years. So, yeah, the stick would be a good idea. We could have a little “pushing the clutter out” celebration and slowly push the cardboard box into the room with the stick. And, when the room senses the tip of the stick – KABOOM! – the magic breathing room disappears.

I guess I’ll have to patch the gaping hole in the wall where the vanished door was before the squirrels start coming in the house, though. Darn it. The work never ends.

Daily Prompt response.


2 thoughts on “A Disappearing Breathing Room

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