Making Memories

Is it the age of a memory that is important? Or it is the memory itself? And, how to judge what is best? Bad memories are often the most vivid, which makes a certain sense biologically-speaking. Our minds telling us, “that really, really sucked last time, let’s not be stupid again.” And no matter how much time passes, the memory of touching a hot kettle on mom’s stove is as clear now as it was when it happened that one and only time. Other memories, of a favorite childhood toy or blanket, kissing a loved one as we rush off for another day at work, are perhaps less crisp, more hazy, because we, typically, wanted to and will have repeated them often.

So, what are the best memories? For me, those are the times spent with the people you love and who love you back. The moments you share in common, laughing, joking, talking, singing, dancing and the most vivid of these are the unique moments. A moment exploring a new place, eating a delicious food never tasted before, or seeing something no one else has – or ever truly can see in the same way – together.



4 thoughts on “Making Memories

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